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Friday, March 6, 2015

Let's Get Saved

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Rom 10:13 KJV

Our job at Pocket Full of Change Ministries is to give the Gospel, get out of the way, and let it work. So what do we do? We help people call on the name of the Lord.  We help them “get saved.” Have you ever wondered what that word means?

The Greek word for saved is sozo.  It is a rich word with many meanings. First, it means what most think it means - saved from an eternity in hell.  At Pocket Full of Change Ministries, we help people get to heaven. As I travel, I give the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus. I quote scripture and invite people to the party Christians call Jesus. The harvest is ripe and many say yes. I celebrate with the angels in heaven when someone calls on the name of Jesus for the very first time.

In addition to eternal salvation, sojo also means healed, delivered, and preserved.  Our call is to all of these things. We depend on prayer, the Holy Spirit and Scripture to help people understand and claim the entire power of "getting saved."

I meet people in need of healing – spiritually and physically. I listen to their needs, pray with them, write about them if they give permission, take their picture so you can pray for them ( Photo Gallery), and send their needs out to our prayer team. I often use the power Jesus gave me as an evangelist to ask for a miracle to demonstrate the power of the Gospel. As promised in the Word of God, miracles happen as people get healed. 

In case you haven’t noticed, Satan is alive and well in America. We meet people actively involved in witchcraft, devil worship, and doing unspeakable things. We meet Christians caught up in strongholds that are destroying their faith and ruining their lives. Satan may not have their eternity but he is sure ruining their time on earth. I believe what the Bible says about deliverance and use the word of God to pray over these people and bind the evil spirits. One of my greatest joys is to see the surprise on people’s faces when they feel the release from demons and strongholds. We also send these needs to our prayer team.

Our call is to help people preserve their faith. Many Christians are discouraged. They worry about the economy, their children, or their marriages. Discouraged Christians know they should have faith but when life invariably happens, they find the faith faltering. When their faith falters, they feel even worse about themselves. Perhaps these people are the ones I spend the most time with. We read the Bible with them, visit in their homes, talk on the phone, Facebook, and pray with them. Often these stories are too intimate and private to share on this blog but helping discouraged Christians is a large part of the ministry. We may spend minutes, hours, and even days with Christians who find their faith in need of being preserved. Whenever possible, I share these stories and the needs with you and our prayer team. You can encourage us and help preserve this ministry by Donating.