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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Miracle or Incompetence? You Decide

By Cheryle M. Touchton
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin. Luke 15:9 NIV

Bob’s camper keys weren’t anywhere. I looked through the entire camper. I took everything out of my purse and shook it upside down. I keep my keys in the same outside pocket where I keep my tracts, Liberty bracelets, quarters, and pens so while I had it empty, I reorganized my tracts so I could easily reach them. I put everything back in the purse, ending up with the one last remaining Liberty Bracelet. I made a mental note to buy materials to make more Liberty Bracelets.

I’d had such a good day the day before. Several people had prayed to receive Jesus. Now I felt terrible. The keys couldn’t be replaced without getting a new alarm system. I’d lost 3 things that day and knocked my expensive projector onto the floor. I felt incompetent. I wondered if I should quit and return home. Belle the Missionary Dog must have been worried because she posted a blog about it. Encouragement and prayers poured in. At 12:21 AM, my pastor, Dan Nold wrote on Facebook:

“Easier to say when it's not me...but no less true... being a part of four chapters of four different lives, that all begin with the sentence... ‘Let me tell you about the day my destiny was re-written’ is certainly worth the missing keys. Praying for you!”

I’d never thought about using the word “destiny” with regards to leading people to Christ. I had a new relevant term to use in witnessing. The magnitude of being a part of someone’s destiny “being rewritten” washed over me and tears of gratitude sprang to my eyes. I was in Georgia and my new pastor had just reached out from Pennsylvania in the middle of the night and ministered to my discouragement. Not only were the keys worth being a part of someone’s destiny, I would have offered up the camper that the keys unlocked to be a part of such a miracle. I had perspective once again. Before I closed my eyes and went to sleep, I thanked God for my job but reminded Him that I’d still like my keys back.

The next morning, I grabbed my other set of keys and drove to the nursing home where my cousin, Luann, works. When I arrived, I carefully put the keys in my purse on top of the Liberty Bracelet. Inside, Luann played the piano and I led the singing of Amazing Grace with a room full of senior citizens. Then, I delivered a message of salvation and encouragement while showing pictures of places the people watching would probably never visit again. They listened with rapt attention and many cried. Afterwards, I walked around listening to their stories and praying with individuals. It was a good morning. I enjoyed ministering with Cousin Luann.

After the event, Luann and I headed to our cars. I told Luann about the missing keys and she called the church from the day before to see if there they were there. I opened my purse to get my keys and there on top of the Liberty Bracelet were two sets of keys.

“Luann,” I said excitedly. “Look.” I held up both sets of keys.

“Where were they?” she asked.

“In the purse I completely emptied yesterday. They were sitting next to the keys I used to get here. They were lying on top of a Liberty Bracelet, which was the last thing I put back in the purse. Is this a miracle or did I just miss them yesterday?”

Luann laughed. “Perhaps it’s both. I love you.” We hugged and she slipped some money in my pocket. When I looked at it later, it was enough to fund an entire day of ministry. I was touched. I knew that amount of money was a sacrifice. I guess Luann thought I was competent enough to invest in.

So I ask, what do you think? Am I really that incompetent…or blind or scatter-brained? Were the keys right there and I just missed them when I emptied my purse looking for them? Did God find my keys and gently lay them next to my other keys that I had just used, and on top of a Liberty Bracelet I was going to use to lead someone to Him?

A footnote to this story – the next morning I used the term “change your destiny” with a college student and he prayed with me to become a Christian. I’ll write that story after I get back from speaking on Nite Line Christian television tonight.

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