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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top Ten Perks to Being a Christian Writer and Missionary

By Cheryle M. Touchton
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Phil 4:4 NIV

Recently, my Christian writer’s group asked us to come up with the perks of being a Christian writer. Eight years ago, I left a lucrative and exciting corporate career to answer God's call to ministry and writing. I had only planned a 2-month sojourn between executive jobs but life became so interesting, I forgot to job hunt. If you don’t job hunt, I suppose you never find a job. In those years, I’ve come to understand why God had to remind me to rejoice in all things.

Below are my “Top Ten Perks to Being a Christian Writer and Missionary”

1. I am no longer tempted by the "evils" of money.

2. Since I spend much of my life in campgrounds, I really enjoy nice

3. I can't always get showers on the road so I now appreciate showers.
It is a real bonus when they are clean, hot, and bug-free.

4. I now have an outlet for the stories running around in my head so I let
others talk at parties and in Bible studies.

5. My husband makes more money than I do, which is really good for his male ego. (He has offered to get over the ego thing in exchange for my former salary.)

6. My own ego is kept in check by humiliating book signings where people walk by me while avoiding eye contact.

7. If the writing thing doesn't work out, book signings have prepared me to work booths at carnivals.

8. The galleys I deal with are less fattening then the galleys of yachts and cruise ships. (Galleys are the type set proof copy that writers review just before a book goes to press.)

9. I spend so much time with my dog that I hear her voice. My readers
like her voice better than mine.

10. My clothes cost a lot less and are more comfortable and interesting.

I loved my last job and I love this one. In fact, I rejoice in this job. I love being with people when they pray to receive Jesus. I love people saying my books helped. Would you believe I almost rejoice in the Lord when showering with bugs? I once showered with a mouse and discovered just how well Baptists could really dance.

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