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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Would You Like to Know the Secret to Everything?

Join Cheryle Touchton and Pocket Full of Change Ministries for a free teleconference and on-line Bible Study
The First Tuesday of Every Month Beginning on February 1, 2011
7:00 EST

How many times have you said, “I’m a Christian? I shouldn’t feel this way.” Are you confused about what to do next? Are you restless? Does your best not seem good enough? What if there were an ancient, secret formula that contained the key to a new freedom and peace beyond your wildest dreams? Wouldn’t you want to know the secret?

The good news is that there is such a formula. God offered this secret formula many thousands of years ago. Generations who embraced it, soared as if on eagle’s wings and those that did not, crashed to the ground. Learn secrets like how to guarantee good self esteem, how to heal broken hearts, and how to feel the presence of the God who loves you so much that He sings over you. Join us the first Tuesday night of every month for an action packed multimedia teleconference and on-line Bible Study and discussion based on Cheryle Touchton’s newest book The Secret to Everything. It is free but Cheryle offers you double your money back if you don’t find yourself laughing out loud and crying real tears as you discover the five simple words that will change your life and give you focus and direction.

While not a requirement to attend and benefit from the Bible Study, Cheryle encourages you to order her book, The Secret to Everything, and come prepared to discuss the questions in the chapter entitled “Parley.” After all, it shouldn’t be hard since you’ll have an entire month read each short chapter. Each session works as a standalone Bible Study so you can attend as many sessions as you wish. Since the sessions are recorded, you can listen to any you miss and people can join and catch up at any time. However, the only way to participate in the live discussions is to attend each session as it is presented live. The sessions are as follows:

• February 1: Preparation and Promise
• March 1: Progress to Mind Matters
• April 5: Progress to Heart Helps
• May 3: Progress to Soul Soothers
• June 7: Progress to Strength Solutions
• July 5; Progress to Neighbor Needs
• August 2: Perseverance: The Next Step

Class Size Is Limited So Ask Barbara For the “Secret” To Enrolling Now

Enrolling is easy. E-mail Barbara and she’ll send you the “secret” telephone number to listen and the “secret” website to view the presentation. When you call in, Cheryle will give you the “secret” key code.

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