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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

God Working - Texas Style

New Christian - Limo Driver

By Cheryle M. Touchton
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; KJV Eccl 3:4

Was God calling me to have dinner at the Big Texan or was it just so much fun that I wanted to go? I was 300 miles away from Amarillo, Texas and wasn’t really sure I “should” drive that far. Besides, I already had my dinner ready and waiting in the fridge and it would be cheaper to eat “in.”

I prayed about it and realized my logic didn’t matter. If I wanted to go to the Big Texan and God was willing to give me the delights of my heart, I could let that happen. I pulled into a campground around 5:45 PM and asked them to order my “limo.” Yes, I did say limo. The Big Texan sends a free white stretch limo to pick guests up from hotels and campgrounds. Before I climbed in, I asked the limo driver to take my picture.

As I rode over, I began talking to my driver. It turns out that he had recently moved to the area and was trying to figure some things out in life. When he prayed to receive Jesus, I was grateful I’d tossed the logic out the door and let God delight me.

They seated me in a row of wooden tables and I began snapping pictures of the cowboy outfits and animals on the wall. Their singers came up and asked what they could sing for me. Of course I asked for my favorite hymn, In a Garden. They knew it and they sang it and I sang along.

At The Big Texan you usually sit right next to someone. A couple sat down and I immediately recognized what I call the “frozen look of horror” in the woman’s face. I knew something had happened to her and we began to talk.

Grieving Couple
 It turns out that they had lost an adult daughter just three years ago. They were both born again Christians but bitterness and sadness had shut them off from church and God. They were still suffering terribly. To make matters worse, their sister-in-law had suddenly died and they were on their way to help with the funeral details. I shared the story of and my feelings regarding losing my adult son. We all knew this was a God ordained moment and were in awe that God had brought me from Pennsylvania and them from North Carolina for such a time as this in Amarillo, Texas.

“I can’t believe I’m talking about this,” the woman said. “I have never talked this much about her before.”

We talked about grief and I gave them the grief scripture card I carry.

“The Bible says we go through seasons. It has been your time to weep,” I said. “I suspect that it is your time to laugh again and that is why God sent me here.”

Somewhere in all of this, we ate but I couldn’t tell you what the food tasted like. When I was ready to leave, I asked if we could pray together.

“I haven’t prayed in years,” she said hesitantly.

“God misses you. It is time for you to move into a new season,” I encouraged. “Please pray with me.”

They agreed. I touched both of their shoulders and we prayed together. I asked God to send comfort and healing. I asked God to help Doris and Limon to be willing to receive it. I prayed for Limon’s brother who had recently lost his beloved wife and asked God to use Limon and Doris to help him. When we finished, Doris was in tears. We talked for a few minutes and when I joked about something, she actually laughed aloud. I looked at her now relaxed face and realized for the first time that she was pretty. Praise God. He was already sending his comfort.

As I walked out to catch my limo, I felt like it was my season to dance. I did not think life could get any better but the second limo driver had been struggling spiritually and was ready to call on Jesus and be saved. God certainly put on a big show at the Big Texan.



  1. WOW!!! This is an inspirational story. God was at work- no doubt, He came right through you. Thanks.

  2. Cheryle, So awesome my sister. I still remember the waiter we talked with when we were there together. Can yo uimagine what you will encounter on your next visit?

    Love, Barbara

  3. Barbara - I thought of you the entire time. I wish I could remember that waiter's name.


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