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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

By Cheryle M. Touchton
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

And a little child will lead them. Isa 11:6

“Jesus loves you,” Four-year-old Abigaile told the woman who handed her a free sample. Thursday was “Evangelize with Abigaile” day.

“Awww,” said the woman as Abigaile took her food. “Jesus loves you too.”

“All have sinned and fallen short,” Abigaile continued. “The wages of sin is death. The gift of God is eternal life. All who call on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved.”

Everyone listened to Abigaile. How could you not listen to an innocent child who loves Jesus with the purity of a whole and undamaged heart? We walked through Target, giving the gospel time after time. When the conversation turned serious, her four-year-old attention span kicked in and Abigaile ran happily back to Mommy.

I didn’t plan to make Abigaile an evangelist. She was born with that desire. I’ve evangelized in front of my grandchildren their entire lives. All three of my older grandchildren eagerly hand out tracts and are interested in the encounters. Abigaile is the one who begs to go out and tell others about Jesus. She asked to be taught the scriptures that convict the heart. At four, it is already clear that she has the gift of evangelism.

I’m fascinated by watching all of my grandchildren’s unique spiritual gifts develop. Each has their own response to the Divine Encounters we have. Abigaile wants to be right in the middle giving the gospel.

Noah has the spirit of generosity and when we evangelize, he enjoys giving money and food to those needing it. He was incredulous when he learned about the homeless. “Gi Gi,” he said firmly. “Let’s go buy all of them homes.” Made sense to me. I explained the concept of needing money and he is already planning on how to make that possible. He also has the gift of leadership and tries to direct our encounters and outings. To his credit, he takes into account the needs and desires of everyone as he plans what we do next. When we are giving out tracts, he is the first to suggest who we give them to. He also tells me where and how to drive. I look forward his gift of leadership maturing.

Ava has the gift of service. When we talk to people, she knows they get distracted so she keeps an eye on their children. She has been a part of more than one “wandering child” rescue. She likes to pick up dropped items for people and hold the hands of younger children when we cross the street. Her insights about people are so deep that I’m starting to suspect the gift of prophesy. She loves to memorize and quote scripture.

Both Abigaile and Ava have the gift of mercy and find the pain of others heartbreaking. Little Frederick is one and I am already seeing signs of leadership and mercy. That will be an interesting combination of gifts.

Yes, a little child shall “lead” them. What fascinates me is that even children “lead” people in their own unique way using their own unique spiritual gifts. God calls all Christians to the Great Commission – to go, teach, and baptize. One of the things I enjoy about helping others learn to share their faith is helping them discover their gifts and how they can be used for the Great Commission. As my grandchildren grow and mature in faith, I look forward to watching Abigaile evangelize, Noah lead, and Ava serve – all with the same goal of fulfilling the Great Commission. I smile when I imagine how those gifts will work together as they lead their generation to Jesus.

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