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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cheryle, My Missionary

By My Aunt Ka Ka - Catherine Mosely Herrington

Cheryle is a Missionary
That travels from place to place.
Meets the needs of many people
In the human race.

She tells them what God has done for her,
That changed some of her plans.
He changed her so completely,
As she followed His demands.

Go for it Cheryle, you can tell the world.
You are strong and life is good.
Meet the needs of the Human race.
I always knew you could.

Be there when they need you,
Like I feel you are for me.
“Thank you God” for placing Cheryle
In my family tree.

She usually tells me where she’s going next.
I pray for mission.
I get excited over her trips,
And pray for her protection.

Stay strong for the trips!
Be careful too!
Because of our love,
And affection for you.

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