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Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's A War Out There

By Cheryle M. Touchton
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against… the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Eph 6:12-13 NIV

It’s a war out there. When it happened the 1st time, I was disappointed. When it happened the 2nd time, I was surprised. When it happened the 3rd time, I knew we were under enemy attack and the team I was with, Louise, Tanya, and I, prayed. When it happened the 4th time I got mad. When it happened the 5th time, it simply didn’t work. The enemy’s newest strategy was to snatch people away, just as they were about to pray to receive Jesus.

Just as two lovely young women were about to pray to invite Jesus into their lives, their long lost best friend ran up and started hugging them. I was disappointed because the moment seemed lost. When they finally finished hugging, I tried to snatch the moment back. The “interrupter” glared daggers and said, “I’m really uncomfortable.” She stormed off, which ended any possibility that the other two were going to pray. The enemy had snatched them away and had used their friend to do it.

Another time, just as we began to pray with a young woman, 3 friends stormed over and demanded she come with them “right now.” The enemy snatched her away and used 3 friends to do it.

It would have been comical if it hadn’t been so frustrating. Later, a drunk burst into our group asking for directions just as the group was about to pray. My sister-in-law Louise is nothing if not bold. She actually ran what I call a “block” by putting herself between us and them. She had no idea where the stage was but she managed to head him in another direction.

On our way out of the park, it happened one last time. We met a lovely but frustrated young woman standing next to her suitcase. She had been standing beside the road for an hour waiting to hear from her friends. As we talked she confessed that she had been struggling and had lost all hope. We prayed for healing for her and shared Jesus. Just as she was about to pray to receive Jesus, her phone rang. Louise and I couldn’t believe it was happening again and we were done with the enemy winning. We waited for the conversation to end, insisted on helping her carry her stuff, and walked with her. She eventually prayed to receive Jesus.

On Day 1 of Bonnaroo, we had 3 salvations but it would have been much higher the enemy hadn’t snatched people away at the exact moment they were about to be reborn. It is a war out there – a war against the spiritual forces of darkness. The enemy may win a battle but he can’t win the war. We have our own secret weapon at our disposal – prayer.

They don’t call them prayer “warriors” for no reason. It’s a war out there and we put our warriors to work. Prayer worked and the enemy didn’t even bother trying the strategy again. On Day 2 of Bonnaroo, Louise and I led 13 people to Jesus. On Day 3, we had 7 salvations. Together, we’ve had 23 salvations in 3 days. I’ve had 50 people pray with me since I left on this missionary journey. Our entire team, lead by the Sojourner, Ron Fuller, has had 65 salvations in 5 days. It may be a war out there but we already know who will win!

Cheryle M. Touchton is the Director of Pocket Full of Change Ministries. This ministry exists because people like you are called to help fund the work of the kingdom. To help keep the Pocket Full of Quarters Lady on the road leading people to Christ, you can donate at


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