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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wonder in Wal-Mart

Give’em Heaven In 2011 – Wonder at Wal-Mart

By Cheryle M. Touchton
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

Do you not say, 'Four months more and then the harvest'? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. John 4:35-36 NIV

A couple of days before the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival there is wonder at Wal-Mart as the parking lot fills with painted vans, excited people looking for a party, lots of beer, and Christians giving the good news of Christ. In the last 24 hours, our tiny group of about 8 people led 37 people to Jesus.

“I have the best job in the word,” I told one young person, “I get to travel the country giving the best news anyone could ever hear.” In moments, this pierced, painted, and scantily clad young woman prayed to receive Jesus.

“You’ll enjoy the concert more if you drink more water than beer,” I advised a group of young people. “At about day 3, people are walking around looking miserable. Heat and hangovers are a bad combination. They came all this way and spent all this money and they look like me the day after surgery.” They laughed and two of them prayed to receive Jesus.

“Please be careful,” I said. “You probably have a mother at home who wants you to return in one piece.”

“You’re right. I just got off the phone with her.”

“If something bad happened and you didn’t live through this week, do you know where you would go next?” I asked.

“Bonnaroo heaven,” he said.

“And if you got to Bonnaroo heaven and God asked why he should let you in, what would you say?” God adores this young man and in a few moments, he said the words that meant he could go somewhere even better than Bonnaroo heaven.

“My I tell your children the story of Jesus?” I asked.

“They’re not my children but I’m watching them. Sure.”

I pulled out my cube that had pictures and told the children a story that two of them had never heard before. Their eyes were as big as saucers. One of the children was in tears. I asked if they wanted that Jesus to be their savior and they all nodded. I prayed with them and gave them pictured tracts that explained what they had just done.

If you wonder if the wonder of their salvation was real, relax. We have good news and people feel it all the way to the marrow of their bones. They crave what God has to say as people camped outside of Wal-Mart in 90-degree weather pant for water. Everyone wants Jesus, even if they don’t know it.

My beloved Jesus said, “Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest'? Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” At Wal-Mart today, we opened our eyes and looked at the fields. They were ripe for harvest. I am filled with wonder.


Cheryle M. Touchton is the Director of Pocket Full of Change Ministries. This ministry exists because people like you are called to help fund the work of the kingdom. To help keep the Pocket Full of Quarters Lady on the road leading people to Christ, you can donate at


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