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Saturday, April 14, 2012


From the Secret to Everything - by Cheryle M. Touchton (pp3-4)

Memory Verse: But we have the mind of Christ. 1 Corinthians 2:16

I was angry about Bob’s great aunt Jamie being murdered. A traveling serial killer had broken into her home and killed her. I grieved and lived in terror for weeks that the same thing would happen to me.

In one of my study groups, I asked, “How could God have let this happen? I’m so mad. Aunt Jamie was a sweet, elderly Christian woman. The man that did this should be drawn and quartered.”

A woman about five feet tall stood up, pointed her finger at me, and shouted, “Honey, your aunt is in heaven. Your job is to love and forgive the man who did this. That is what Jesus did. He died for murderers too. God will deal with that man the way He sees fit.”

I was shocked. How could she be so insensitive to my pain? Then, God answered. The mind of Christ offered grace to sinners, and I could have that mind. The mind of Christ forgave those who murdered Him, before they repented. When I let the grace offered by the mind of Christ wash over me, I was able to forgive a murderer who tore my family apart. When I forgave him, I felt the first peace I’d felt in weeks.

If you invite Jesus to participate in your life journey, become His disciple, and study the Word of God, over time, you can have the mind of Christ! Think about that for a moment. How could one possibly suffer from low self-esteem, obsession, or depression with the mind of Christ? The mind of Christ is perfection.

The secret to having His mind is to study and apply the Bible. How could you fail to succeed with the mind of Christ? The Bible says you can do all things through Christ (Phil. 4:13). As you study the rest of this step, let this overriding spiritual principle guide you. You can have the mind of Christ.

From Cheryle Touchton's Book, The Secret to Everything - Chapter - Mind Matters - pp 3-4. Click here to order your copy of the book now.

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